Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Akhirnya Gratisan92 Mendapatkan Pagerank 2

      Sunday morning I try to open a blog that already old ane ane not open, because every day filled with busyness ane, .. when ane ane open blog that Gratisan92, waahhhh,...!! ane blog was given a gift by Google with PageRank 2. Quote this blog already almost 1 year old. Ane old already looking for ways to get pagerank, how to quickly increase pagerank, but also medapatkanya blum, and it comes with sendiriya pagerank if you've time. because the right to provide pagerak is google.

      For his blog buddies who have not gotten from google pagerank be patient, because at some point goggle will give pagerank to your blog. We also must not give in to update our blog every day. if you want to quickly get the PageRank from google, we must frequently update our blog, search for backlinks as many ways to obtain backlinks you can exchange links to blogs that pageranknya high and there could also be mutually meinggalkan comment on the blog.

So first of me, Thank you very much that google has given pagerank2 to blog ane ..

Good morning and Happy carry out the activity ....


ayoo gan tukeran link, biar bisa bertahan, blogku juga pr 2 barusan naik

trus berkarya dan kejar pagerank tertinggi

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