Senin, 25 Juli 2011

How to Create Unique Photo Profiles Facebook (Web Pic Scatter)

Today I will give way so that you can look up a unique and interesting. this way you will not get bored again with the usual template that is provided by facebook. Try How to Create Unique Photo Profiles Facebook (Web Pic Scatter)

Web Pic Scatter Crop the image to the new Facebook profile - already know that Facebook has introduced a new layout for our profile pages? there is a unique one of a new layout of this page. Your Facebook profile can display photos plus a few more photos to be (as if) the unity of the original photograph was a photograph.

Well here's How to Create Unique Photo Profiles Facebook, There is lim thumbnail photos that align right under your name. it's usually the last five photos that you tag in it. nah, you can display a row of five concatenated with the other picture profile picture. how? you can edit the size of a thumbnail photo, upload it, and put a tag in it.

However, if you do not want to be bothered with a photo editing program, you can take advantage of the services on offer Pic Scatter website. on this website you simply upload a photo to be displayed intact (preferably with a size of 700 x 540 pixels and above). Next, let it cut to your website. if you are interested you can visit the site at

please try, good luck and my posting this time How to Create Unique Photo Profiles Facebook (Web Pic Scatter) can be useful for you ...


tetep aja pas di tag ga beraturan jadinya... :(

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