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SIM free mobile phones VS Contract phones: Hard to choose

Getting your most awaited smartphones, from the topmost manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple, etc., has become much more easier with the mobile phone deals. The mobile phone deals are of three types, viz. Contract, Pay as you go and SIM free.
The contract phones and Pay as you go phones are locked phones, which can be used with only one network. The SIM free deals offer total freedom, as these can be used with any network of your choice. You can switch over to any network, anytime, by simply changing the SIM. SIM free mobile phones vs Contract phones calls for a comparison of various factors.
First of all, if you are a constant traveler and your job requires you to move from one country to another, then SIM free is the deal for you because the contract phones will be operational under only one network, which may not be available in the country you travel to. Even if you are staying at one place and you wish to switch to another network, because you are not satisfied with the services of the current provider, then also the contract deals can cause a limitation as you cannot change your network, till the expiry of the contract you had signed at the time pf purchase, with the service provider.
Still, the contract deals are quite popular in the market and if we dig deep to see why, we might have a second thought about SIM free deals. The contract phones, are available at almost no cost at all. You need to just sign an agreement according to which, you agree to pay a fixed amount, every month, to the provider. Moreover, there is a practically unlimited range of schemes and offers associated with these deals like FREE connection, reduced line rentals, FREE gifts and much more. You can compare between these deals online and make your decision wisely so as to get the best according to your needs.

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