Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Big Day For Facebook: New Pages, Memories, And Downtime

Facebook’s having a pretty interesting day. This morning the site pushed out a nifty new registration widget for third party sites. In the last few hours it’s also pushed out a revamped version of its Pages, which brings the UI more in line with its updated profiles design, which launched earlier this month. And there are multiple reports on Twitter about a new “Memories” feature that lets you scan through your entire history on the site.
Unfortunately, you can’t see any of these right now, because Facebook — and the myriad Like buttons scattered across the web — are all down hard. Update: It’s back up for me as of 1:45 PM PST.
Given its massive distribution and the fact that it services as the primary login system for many sites, any downtime for Facebook is a big deal. We’ll update once the site comes back up — looks like it’s been down for around 15 minutes so far. For the time being though, let’s recap the features that Facebook rolled out (apparently a bit too quickly).
The new Facebook Pages look a lot like Facebook Place pages and the updated user profiles. Application tabs have been moved from a nav bar resting on top of the Wall to the left side-bar, just beneath the Page’s main image. Pages can also now feature lists of Facebook users, the same way you can feature your friends on your Facebook profile. There’s also a new button that lets page administrator ‘Login as Page’, which lets you receive notifications for just your page, and not your personal account.
Facebook Memories is still a bit mysterious because it was only showing up for a few minutes at a time, according to numerous tweets on the feature. The Next Web nabbed a shot of the navigation bar for Memories (seen below) but it doesn’t do much to show what the feature actually looks like.


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